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100 tuscaloosa dating

Until the modern era, the Bible notwithstanding, there was little attention paid to male adultery.

A spate of recent public scandals – from Tiger Woods to David Letterman, from Sen. Mark Sanford, to the suspected shenanigans of Jon Gosselin of reality TV’s Jon and Kate – might make it seem as if this is a country well versed in the moral and emotional ambiguities of infidelity.

This is like an epidemic, but nobody is talking about it in any healthy way.’ ” A book written by former Wall Street Journal reporter Pamela Druckerman, “Lust in Translation,” explores how different cultures approach infidelity.

She writes about how in Russia, for instance, therapists sometimes suggest extramarital relationships as a path to happiness.

It wasn’t that Brian didn’t love his wife of 18 years, he says. And he was unprepared for the attraction he felt toward the co-worker who would become his lover.