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Last June, she was drawn to this remote part of Canada after satellite imagery revealed ground features that appeared to indicate human activity.

Mullins Sea Eagle inboard twin cockpit runabout boat. Boat has the original 5 floatation tanks that make it unsinkable.

The hull number is 11057 and the boat has the original Lycoming inboard engine, all numbers match the manufacturers plate in the engine compartment.

No windshield although the owner has the original windshield brackets. The boat was fully restored and has the original Gator Trailer which was restored along with a rebuilt Johnson Javelin Engine. From a standpoint of rarity, this one takes the lead. Shes been kept inside storage, winterized every fall and launched every spring.

The unearthing of a stone used in iron working hundreds of miles south from the only known Viking site in North America, suggests the Vikings may have traveled much further into the continent than previously thought.

That settlement was abandoned after just a few years of being inhabited and archaeologists have spent the last 50 years searching for any other signs of Viking expeditions to the other side of the Atlantic.

American archaeologist Sarah Parcak, who has used satellite imagery to locate lost Egyptian cities, temples and tombs, applied the same technology to explore the island, seeking for traces of lost Viking settlements.

Removable rear deck added for runabout appearance with 3rd seat underneath. When the bottom was restored, a complete inspection was done to insure integrity of entire structure. Seamless hull construction and epoxy makes this boat virtually maintenance free.