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Adorable video chat

The entire sequence is "Anna" trying to talk to "Dory," while Dory repeatedly forgets everything.

Kristen Bell was very clearly not ready for this bit.

She keeps just saying "hi," likely trying to set up Ellen, assuming the host has some sort of an idea for where this is all going.

Another use case could hinge on the mobile version the app.

Imagine two different people in a Blab simultaneously taking viewers backstage at a concert and shooting the stage from the front as the two other video chatters narrate what's going on. I even saw one Blab video chat in which three people were watching and commenting on an MMA event, proving that the app has potential as an easy way to host and watch a wide array of live or recorded events with groups while adding real-time commentary.

The video and sound quality aren't pristine, but they're good enough for as much detail as you'd need for a casual chat.

Available online (no Safari functionality, but Chrome works fine) and as a mobile app for i OS (on the Blab site, not yet in the App Store), Blab is still in beta, so some of the features I saw last night may change in the coming days and weeks. I reached out to Shaan Puri, a member of the San Francisco-based team behind the app and the CEO of the Monkey Inferno incubator (which is backed by Bebo founders Michael Birch and Xochi Birch), for more information.

However, those "feels" don't stay with you, they drop back down to zero when you enter a new Blab video chat.

The app's popularity component is important, because Blab also gives you the ability to mute any or all of the four video chatters.

panel (translation = very fun) — you sign in with your Twitter credentials.

Afterwards, when someone clicks on your name in Blab, they see the handle and bio you've already entered on your Twitter bio.

As cool as the theories are, we can't help but think about just how much fun it would be to see some of these characters on screen together.