Start All my friends are dating

All my friends are dating

It’s not like I’m going to chime in and say something like “so last night my cat and I…” It feels like there’s no one in my inner circle who can relate to my reality. When decorating my apartment I don’t have to combine feminine and masculine elements—I can use as much pink as I want.

I recently found out that this ex “almost” boyfriend of mine has happily settled down with someone.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel—I’m sure—it’s just further away and a different hue than I always expected.

My really good friends are starting to drop like flies.

Despite my sincere happiness for others, I’m still frustrated by my present circumstances.

I don’t want to be alone but right now that’s my reality.

I never wanted to be one of those girls waiting around to get married, but finding a mate has always been an important part of my life plan.

I assumed by the time I graduated from college I would find a great guy to marry and we’d start our lives together.

Somewhere during my teenage existence, I decided 23 was the perfect age to get married.