Start All my friends are dating

All my friends are dating

They’re falling in love and getting married, and I’m just over here trying to realize why my love life has been in shambles for the majority of my adult life.

As I settle into adulthood and inch closer to the big 3-0, my friends continue to pair off. Nearly everyone in both my social and professional circles is either married or in a serious relationship.

Last summer, my three closest college girlfriends, including my best friend, said, “I do”. It’s no exaggeration that I’m often the only “single” person at the table.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel—I’m sure—it’s just further away and a different hue than I always expected.

My really good friends are starting to drop like flies.

I do my best to schedule dinner dates and outings with friends but my everyday life consists of moving from one solitary state to the next. I have my own office at work and my job requires more screen time than face-to-face interaction. Too many social gatherings back-to-back and I become paralyzed by anxiety. I’ve never equated my self worth with my relationship status.

We’re fortunate to live in a time when being single does not automatically strip a woman of her power or doom her to spinsterhood.

Over the years I’ve learned to enjoy–even embrace–my single status.

But when I imagine my future, I picture it with someone beside me.

My friends and siblings’ concerns now include things like wedding planning, getting to know their in-laws, and saving to buy a house. There’s no one to complain when I don’t do the dishes or stay up too late binge watching Nashville or Grey’s Anatomy.

Whenever couple-only topics like these come up, I automatically retreat inward, unable to contribute anything meaningful or relevant to the conversation. I manage my own schedule and don’t have to factor in someone else’s needs or feelings when I make decisions.

I never wanted to be one of those girls waiting around to get married, but finding a mate has always been an important part of my life plan.