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Att commercial dating girl

We paused the DVR on the commercial so the three-year old granddaughter, who is also named Lily, could read her name on TV.

The Most Engaging ads are ranked by digital activity (including online views and social shares) over the past week. Watt shows up in a fresh cut of a continuing Gatorate campaign that encourages you to "Rehydrate, replenish, refuel." And AT&T serves up another one of its ads starring Mark Wahlberg -- this one featuring a surprise cameo appearance at the end by the "more handsome and talented and British" Patrick Stewart.

Among the new releases, a couple of new-to-camping campers realize that the peace and quiet of nature is a bit peaceful and quiet, so they put a T-Mobile-connected smartphone to good use.

Vayntrub's father now lives in Moscow, and they recently took a trip together to Greece.

In Athens, she encountered the refugee crisis firsthand.

I said he was talking to the wrong people..really needed to get in touch with the girl from the commercials.

Were they asking about the actress's name, or her name as the AT&T character? There's usually some site that will post rumors if a celebrity is gay but I can't find any mentioning Vayntrub.

Her charcter has a quirky, hip attitude in several of the commercials. Much like Flo in the early Progressive commercials, The actor just stands out even in a drab uniform. Were they asking about the actress's name, or her name as the AT&T character?

The writing and acting makes these characters appealing. If I weren't married, I would totally send tweets to a bunch of them telling them how much I like them and asking for a date. I knew the latter, because it's Lily on her name tag.

Vayntrub admits she wasn't very familiar with the Syrian refuge crisis prior to her visit to Greece, but being there really put things into perspective.

I had an embarrassingly little amount [of knowledge of the Syrian refugee crisis before going to Greece].

And it was embarrassing, it was embarrassing to be American, but it also helped me understand why I didn’t know more.