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Avid dating life eur

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The attackers are demanding that Toronto-based parent company Avid Life Media shut down the dating site, as well as another one of its sites, called Established Men, according to information security blogger Brian Krebs, who broke the news of the hack.

Now, one month later, the attackers have broken their silence since the attack in an Aug. " statement that was originally released to the dark web, meaning it could only be accessed by using the Tor browser. Other experts reviewing the dumped data say that it appears to contain passwords for Ashley Madison's Windows domain, Pay Pal account information for the company's executives, as well as the customer information.

"Avid Life Media has failed to take down Ashley Madison and Established Men. "It appears legit," security researcher Robert David Graham, who heads Errata Security, says in a blog post.

"Companies such as these two, they completely rely on discretion," says Noa Bar-Yosef, a vice president at data exfiltration prevention firm en Silo.