Start Backup exec 11d updating catalog

Backup exec 11d updating catalog

This issue never been occuring for the last 8 months, does anybody can suggest how to speed up this process ?

These numbers or lables are primary keys in the database and as such cant be duplicated or else the catalog name wont be accepted.

If a particular backup job spanned more than one tape, clearing this option also allows you to catalog one of the tapes independently without requiring the other tapes. 10) Run the Catalog job again to rebuild the catalogs, it should complete successfully, if so re-run the restore or backup job.

In some cases where existing catalogs are corrupt or even recreating the catalogs does not help, "Catrebuildindex -r" command can be used to recreate the index.

When running a catalog operation with this check box not selected, it is normal that the procedure will take a long time to complete.