Start Bonang and sizwe dating

Bonang and sizwe dating

“I also have to just draw attention to the type of things people are saying about Bonang in the media. I just think it is very sad because I have known her for a while, and it is actually quite shocking the things people are saying,” he added.

“The only thing [important] in my life right now is my daughter. But AKA has once again denied that he and Bonang were ever an item.

“Myself and Bonang have never been in a relationship [and] are not in a relationship.” He did, however, come to her defence regarding the backlash she received following the affair allegations.

When you are in this industry you are in it for life, especially if you love it and it loves you back." He shared the lessons that he has learnt throughout his career.

There's only one such industry where there's no retirement.

Chris said he was just grateful to be living a life of gratitude.

"I've done what I love and I'm a still enjoying it.

With the incident making news all over, Twitter is also having its share of the cake.