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Her longtime friend Bethann Hardison tells PEOPLE exclusively, “She’s fine. In this week’s issue, on stands Friday, friends tell PEOPLE the story of how they met, sparking a connection that was instant and lasting – a love story for the ages that won’t end with his sudden death on Sunday.

You gotta listen to this album." So he gave me the Ziggy album, and I was like, "Wow, what a cool-looking guy." I played the record and was very impressed by the music. At the time, I was hanging out with Stevie Wonder and his entourage and they were performing at Carnegie Hall. Stevie said to me, "Where do you think we should do the afterparty after Carnegie Hall? It's a nice place, nice size, it's intimate." So that's what happened.

The night of the party, everyone was there—Aretha [Franklin], Gladys [Knight].

“It was on my mind to play matchmaker,” says Antolin, recalling that Bowie was in between relationships at the time, and lonely. They met that night and it was like, from that evening on, they were together. “They really knew each other because they had come up and traveled in the same circles. “She was a real force and he needed a woman by his side to keep him focused.” Married with Children After dating for two years, the couple married in Tuscany. “It was all outside of Florence in an old villa that had been transformed into a luxury hotel.” As lavish as the event was, though, Bowie and Iman made their home was decidedly humble. And in the beginning, though they each had kids from their previous marriages, all that was missing was a child of their own. '” The couple doted on their daughter, Alexandria (“Lexi”), giving PEOPLE a peek at their life together in an October 2005 interview. “I take Lexi to school and to her lessons.” Bowie often showed up to his daughter’s recitals.

One night at a Tony dinner, Antolin sat between actress Sônia Braga and a certain Somalian supermodel. '” It’s a Match Antolin wasted no time in getting word to Bowie. “He always came to the shows, and he was always in the front row, center,” Lexi’s tap dance teacher, Elizabeth Burke, recalled to PEOPLE.

“It was towards the end of the tour,” recalls Belew. I guess if you’re David Bowie, it’s not so hard to do that.” Strangely, though, it was. “Iman always told the story in such a charming way…

“We were on a plane, I think it was a private plane that he had rented, and he was going through fashion magazines and looking pictures.” Suddenly, Bowie landed on a page and said, “‘I want to meet that girl! It took the intervention of another friend, hairstylist Teddy Antolin, to make a meeting happen. I’ll invite her to [my birthday dinner] and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll have cake and whatever. 24, 1990.” Despite the difference in their backgrounds, Bowie and Iman made a perfect pair. ” pal Christie Brinkley wrote in a touching Facebook post on Tuesday, recalling how once Iman had held her then-baby Sailor all day, a Somalian practice she’d heard helps kick start ovulation. ‘It took two blondes to get me pregnant David Bowie and Christie Brinkley!

Ziggy Stardust fans will also be interested in how David Bowie planned his death, the major impact David Bowie had on the world, and photos of a young David Bowie. These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that David Bowie has either dated or canoodled with.

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Iman was breathtaking and their little girl was growing up into a beautiful young woman.” And, says Parker, it was obvious that the love between Bowie and Iman never faded.

The singer Ava Cherry was sound asleep in her Lincoln Park home on the morning of January 11 when her phone began incessantly chiming and vibrating with alerts. "My heart just sank," recalls Cherry, who was raised in Woodlawn. I don't know why I felt that suddenly because, of course, he was married—but my remembering him from the past was just a flood of fantastic memories.

They were a beautiful, fashionable and staggeringly talented couple, but David Bowie and Iman were even more enviable for their enduring love. He’s a great loss – not just a loss as an artist, but as a human.” Out in the world, they were the rock star and the supermodel.