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By church law updating

By including this provision, the church can ensure that a governing body is in place to issue a definitive interpretation of scripture for the church.

Some of these changes are straightforward and simple.

If your church has moved locations or changed its name, it is time to amend your bylaws.

Back to top The Free Exercise Clause of the United States Constitution recognizes that churches are entitled to religious liberty and should be allowed to operate without secular interference, control, or manipulation.

To ensure that the church is exercising its religious freedom, it is important that the church bylaws state a clear path to church membership.

These membership provisions need to include membership eligibility, the process for acceptance as a church member, and the rights and duties of church membership.

These provisions should also include the process for removing, revoking, or terminating church membership.

Many churches have grown, and growth leads to change.

For example, when your church was founded, it may not have seemed necessary to require new members to complete a new member orientation when joining the church or your church may not have had the pastoral staff to lead such an orientation. Hodges, the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Back to top As churches grow and develop through the years, so do their needs.

It is important to modify and update your church bylaws to address both changes to your church and changes in society.

Bylaws increase efficiency by explaining what the church believes and how the church operates.