Start Camille keenan and dustin clare dating

Camille keenan and dustin clare dating

As it was shot in Christchurch, we did approach the New Zealand Film Commission after we had an initial edit.

It's had some great reviews, here, here and here (and here, if you can reach beyond beyond the Listener's paywall). Often two, or three, but never five platforms all at once.

Some other films that I am inspired by include The Exploding Girl, The Dish & the Spoon, Medicine for Melancholy, and Alyx Duncan’s The Red House.

Exploring pregnancy was heavily influenced by Camille being pregnant at the time of writing and shooting, though I must admit I am a huge fan of Away We Go.

I think as a whole, our generation are making decisions about relationships, family and even career later in life than say our parents or grandparents.

It’s not necessarily all bad, there are so many options for us to choose from, or so it seems.

I'd love to know more about your background as a filmmaker. I did direct a short film when I lived in London, and created an online film project called Stray Cinema out of it, where we made the footage Open Source, and available for anyone in the world to edit and tell their own story with. Subtle storytelling that sometimes asks quite a bit of a viewer, but the investment is always satisfying.

I have also worked as a digital producer for the last 10 years, and online is a space I feel comfortable, although it’s ever changing, I think that is reflected in the way I decided to release my work. I am interested in exploring naturalistic moments, how they might actually play in reality.

It's set in Christchurch one year after the major earthquakes and is a story that mirrors Christchurch's story, including past devastation, beauty and a chance at rebuilding bigger and better than before.

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