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Kelli O'Hara wears a gown by Christian Siriano and jewelry by Bauble Bar.

It sounds almost petty, but the famous red Ferrari that Thomas Magnum used drive around Hawaii and the different set locations wasn’t the original automobile choice of the director.

Players are now looking to focus purely on their BEACH game.10 beautiful, state of the art courts, where the sand is pure white, and the courts are all for the NO NAME Family!

This might have been a hilarious Earth-shaking hit in 1975.

* while it's an amusing and appropriate convention to name the sex-crazed, man-hungry alien after the Sanskrit word for "vulva", everyone on stage pronounces it "Yanni", which brings to mind more new-age music than the seat where love is throned.

Victoria Clark wears a leather bustier and ball skirt by Christian Siriano and jewelry provided by Bauble Bar.

Kelli O'Hara wears a gown by Christian Siriano and a ring by Bauble Bar.

Tom Selleck was the hunky heartthrob who took over the screen when he starred in the famous eighties show, Magnum P.

The man and his glorious mustache made everyone fall in love with the private investigator from Oahu, Hawaii.

It bills itself as a "spoof" of 50s horror films, not a parody, which is perhaps appropriate- it doesn't dig deeper into its not-very-deep-to-begin-with source material than, say, a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, and the humor plateaus around that level, too. Kimmel's music and lyrics are workmanlike and serviceable; they do what they need to do, but not much else.

The ballads are "Somewhere that's Green" without the irony. The melodies of the two songs are almost entirely different, and it's merely the chord pattern and lyrical structure that make the two songs seem so similar. Kimmel purposefully plagiarized David Shire's song, or in any way accuse him of actual song theft.

It's a common chord pattern used in thousands of songs ( Fred and Joyce Bunson (Rob Evan and Amy Bodnar) are a happy 1958 couple in the San Fernando Valley.