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Since they announced the divorce, signed the papers and finalized the divorce, they have been seen together frequently, have gone on holiday together and according to a fairly recent report, Josh still calls Jessica his wife.

Josh and Jessica aimed for as amicable a divorce as and soon Jessica felt compelled to tell Josh that she had been diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer.

'At 24, I had gone from a feisty, uninhibited, outspoken yogini to a statistic.' Nightmare moment: Writer and mother-of-one Jessica Ciencin Henriquez (pictured) has opened up about suddenly and inexplicably losing her hearing in one ear, a day in 2010 which would change her life forever 'New York City, the vibrant place I’d once fallen madly for, became a nightmare,' she writes.

Tractors moaned, ambulances screamed, the click of lighters and the hiss of brooms brushing cafe floors were torture.'But dating immediately after she lost her hearing was nothing short of 'bleak,' according to her account.

Around the time that Willner the and left, Simon what reported to be having problems with his partner, Terri Seymour, because of his perennial refusal to commit to marriage and children. With both respective partners gone, Sinitta and Simon gravitated once more towards one another.

Sinitta says Simon supported her during the very difficult first couple of months after Andy ks.

Indeed, past reports have suggested Brad and Jennifer have been in touch since their divorce was announced in 2005.