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Christadelphian singles dating

It was not a dilemma for Islip Collyer and Louis Sargent, who were two of my early mentors in faith.

This would have taken place in 2240 BC, when the Druids were leading Britons in worship at Stonehenge, and a hundred years after vizier Hemiunu had completed Pharaoh Khufu’s Great Pyramid at Gizeh.

There is no evidence whatsoever for a three thousand mile wide separation of the continents in historic time.

John Morris concedes that “there appears to be reasonable geophysical evidence” that the continents were at one time joined up and then split apart.

Like some young earth creationists, he suggests that the break-up of the super-continent of Pangea, and the separation of Europe and the Americas may have taken place suddenly during the life of Peleg (Genesis ).

I have been a Christadelphian for seventy years, and published more in our Brotherhood’s literature than any other living writer.

I have also been a professional earth and space scientist at a world class university for sixty years, with a of thousands of pages of peer-reviewed books and articles. I am being told that the facts on which I base my faith and my understanding of God’s word, and the facts on which I base my university research, and on which my livelihood depends, are totally incompatible.

The continents are splitting at a rate of three meters per century and we can date each crack easily and precisely, going back several million years before present.

Surprisingly, John Morris states that “fossils are highly exceptional phenomena”.

I am sure that John Morris would be very impressed with three that I am personally familiar with in my own research. You climb through thirty successive named younger and younger strata (layers) of rocks from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest, a distance of 130 miles, and covering 940 million calculable years in time.

Each clear stratum has its own suite of fossils from simple algal mats, then marine molluscs, dragonflies, scorpions, and finally dinosaurs and fossil trees, each layer dated precisely.

He suggested that if Job and Solomon had been living today they would both have been active scientists (Job 28:1-11; I Kings ).