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As a young man in his thirties Cassini was working for the Bolognese government and also held the chair at the University of Bologna.

Undoubtedly though he was among some of the most important astronomers of the 17 centuries.

Christiaan Huygens Huygens came from a wealthy and well-connected Dutch family who traditionally was in the diplomatic service to the House of Orange.

In1666 Huygens was one of the founding members of the French Academy of Sciences.

He stayed in Paris from 1666-1681 with only occasional visits to Holland.

Since 2009, he has worked at the Department of Communication Science, first as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor and currently as an Associate Professor.

In 2016, he was a visiting scholar at the Department of Communication Studies at Chapman University (Orange, CA, USA).

While having bigger and more powerful telescopes, Cassini utilised buildings to house them in, one being the San Petronio Cathedral.

The instrument was the so called Meridiana which could compute the exact date for Easter..

Cassini discovered the Saturnian satellites Lapetus in 1671, Rhea in 1672, and both Tethys and Dione in 1684. Saturn and its moon (NASA photo) In 1683 after work on zodiacal light he judged that is was of cosmic origin and not a meteorological phenomenon as some had thought.

In 1675 he discovered, what is now known today as the Cassini Division, Saturns rings split largely into two parts by a narrow gap and that the rings were in fact swarms of tiny moonlets too small to be seen individually. He also, in the same year began the measurement of the arc of the meridian (longitude line) through Paris.

His research focuses on indirect language, in particular on figurative language such as metaphor, hyperbole and irony.