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Crystalens accommodating lens reviews

Furthermore, since the Crystalens is again considered "premium", additional surgery costs have to be considered.

Distributes light over 3-5 concentric optic zones with the central zone dominant for distance, and the others graduated for increasingly closer ranges.

Find a surgeon with extensive experience with intra ocular lenses, preferably someone who has performed numerous clear lens exchange or cataract surgery procedures.

Only requires local anesthesia; can return to daily activities within the next day but 1-2 day suspension from work-related activities is recommended.

General, computer and reading distance recoveries are immediate.

Overall healing time is longer than with monovision IOL, but patient is typically capable of returning to full activity by the next day.

General distance recovery is immediate, with computer and reading distance recoveries taking one or more weeks.

Crystalens continues to improve with each new generation of lens.

The Crystalens AO is another great improvement and a very good product. A disadvantage of the Crystalens® involves the possibility that the IOL won't accommodate as advertised, resulting in a need for glasses to read or to use a computer (just like what you'd get with monofocals).

Another advantage is that optical performance is unaffected by pupil size or location of the optic due to uniform center-to-edge power, helping to have more consistent vision in various environments.

The Crystalens® is attached to the ciliary muscle, a circular muscle that surrounds the lens in the eye.

Aberrations affect vision quality and when reduced it can enhance contrast sensitivity.