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Dads against daughters dating mug

His second marriage to Carry On star Hattie Jacques lasted for more than a decade only to ­collapse when Hattie took in a ­toyboy lover right under Le Mesurier’s nose.

But the destructive underbelly of this world of comic genius was already evident in early 1958 when John and Hattie were invited to a house-warming party thrown by Hancock and his wife Cicely Romanis. Meanwhile, back at the family home in Eardley Crescent, Jacques was increasingly surrounding herself with acolytes from other walks of life in an attempt to boost her fragile self-esteem.

As they and the other guests gathered in one of the few furnished rooms, Hancock announced brightly: ‘It’s OK — the drinks will be arriving any minute.’ And sure enough, a short while later, a three-wheeled van turned into the drive and pulled up at the front door, loaded to the roof with case upon case of vodka. It was not uncommon for John to return from several weeks away filming to find his home full of strangers.‘I got used to the dog-like devotion lavished on Hattie by some of her friends,’ Le Mesurier later reflected.

On one occasion, an attractive young woman begged Le Mesurier to take her to a ditch and ­ravish her.

Ever the gentleman, Le Mez politely declined — but not before delivering a wry one-liner worthy of his on-screen alter ego: ‘Well, my dear, I’d like to oblige you but it’s rather late and dark,’ he said. ” before tempting them to join him on late night adventures.

A third, meanwhile, would be dispatched to fetch him a sandwich, while Lowe (who played the irascible Captain Mainwaring) waited impatiently for his turn.

‘I once actually saw him charm a make-up girl into taking the watch off his wrist, winding it up and then putting it back on again,’ recalls Ian Lavender, who played the naïve Private Pike.

The cast always stayed at the The Bell Hotel in the heart of the ­market town and it was there, in the bar, that Le Mesurier would hold court every night, sipping spirits and telling stories.