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Dailybuzz dating service

Our company is called Yellow Rick Road Productions and my partner is Sylvia Caminer, an award winning producer/director who has spent the past few years working on feature documentaries.

Tentatively titled, “An Affair of the Heart”, the film sheds light on just what it means to be a devoted fan and the power of music in our lives.

Filming of our documentary began in Milwaukee the beginning of May 2010 and ended on the 3 Annual Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise in mid November 2010.

Just do a search on those specific sites or go to our official website click on the social media icons located on the upper right side of the home page.

There is a VIP website set up where members get a behind the scenes look at he making of our film.

The movie has been a special “Florida” project that Jesse first began working on over eight years ago after being inspired by a photo from the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

“Getting a new movie project started is always a challenge.

While I was a sophomore at Trinity Prep back in 1981, I went to a Rick Springfield concert and was absolutely transformed.