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Dallas accommodating lens

The mean uncorrected distance visual acuity was 20/20, with all eyes achieving 20/32 or better.

It is a microscopic hydrogel inlay that creates a prolate-shaped cornea and is easily placed under a femtosecond laser flap.

Unlike LASIK, where permanent changes have been made to the eye, the inlay can be removed if the patient doesn’t like it or can’t adapt to it,” Dr. In June 2014, the FDA Ophthalmic Devices Advisory Panel concluded that the benefits of the Kamra inlay outweigh the risks for patients with presbyopia. In September 2014, the Kamra inlay received the CE Mark approval in Europe. A study with three years of follow-up supports the safety and efficacy of the Kamra corneal inlay to correct presbyopia.

The panel reviewed data on 508 patients implanted monocularly with the inlay in the U. This study included 32 naturally emmetropic presbyopic patients, and the corneal inlay was implanted in the non-dominant eye.

“The Vis Ability Implant System uses a scleral approach to treat presbyopia that is fundamentally different from the optical or multifocal approach.