Start Dartmouth dating scene

Dartmouth dating scene

The first call she got happened to be from President Philip Hanlon ’77, who asked her to give Dartmouth’s 2014 Commencement speech. ’ ” Ushered past the Shonda Land sign on the wall of her production company’s waiting area, one feels lucky to be on the other side of one of those yeses.

Is as excited for the Met's Young Members party as you are.

You can take Metro North home for the holidays together because you're from adjoining towns in Connecticut.

As the creator of the smart, sexy medical dramacover put it: “This Is TV’s Savior.” Indeed, Friday mornings at the water cooler have been a lot more fun since the TGIT (“Thank God it’s Thursday”) trifecta hit the small screen last fall.

“Shonda is remarkable not only because her shows are great, but you feel like you will be left out of a major cultural moment if you miss a single episode,” says fellow writer and showrunner Mindy Kaling ’01, who got a yes from Rhimes last fall when Kaling asked her to appear as a guest on praises Rhimes’ gift for the element of surprise.

What he's wearing: Lacoste polo and Chubbiesshorts.

Never leaves the apartment (that he shares with some of his former fraternity brothers) without his croakies and koozie emblazoned with his alma mater's logo. Cons: Starts leaving his non-irons untucked as he slowly realizes he can't take his metabolism for granted.

Cons: You can't avoid him because you're inevitably going to run into each other at Dorrian's. Unless you're actively on vacation with him, you're not quite sure where he is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.