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Dating a taylor guitar

(Swift also bought the unit across the hall, for about $5 million; she uses it to house her security team.) It took a lot of work just to see it: It belonged to the director Peter Jackson, who had an actor friend crashing here, so the brokers didn't want to bother him much. "I think once you're Gandalf, you can always just stay in Peter Jackson's house."Swift leads the way into one of her four guest bedrooms.

Below, Digital Spy ranks every single one of her studio singles, from 2006 debut 'Tim Mc Graw' to the imminent 'Wildest Dreams'. That means no album tracks (or else 'All Too Well' would clearly be number one) and no promo-only singles (sorry, 'Out of the Woods').

We're also leaving out her duet with the actual Tim Mc Graw, 'Highway Don't Care'), because that's really more of a Mc Graw single as evidenced by the fact that it's still on Spotify.

It's hyperbolic rather than relatable, jaded rather than romantic, and it's the epitome of Swift's career-redefining shift into soulful pop.

She's wearing a black miniskirt, black tights and a fuzzy pink top with a cartoon drawing of a cat, and her wavy blond hair is pinned back tight.

She's five feet 10, but she looks much taller, even with her lanky legs wrapped underneath her like a pretzel twist.

"I need lunch like, whoa," Swift says, and an assistant tells her there's a sushi order happening. "Get a boatload."The video is for Swift's soon-to-be-Number One single, "Shake It Off," which she'll perform for the first time at the VMAs later this summer, but which at this point only a handful of people outside the room even know exists. Or" – she holds up her cellphone – "they can turn this on, right? We don't even know."Swift says she never feels completely safe, especially when it comes to her privacy.

But sometimes – – you don't want to have a camera pointed at you.