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It’s a chance for him to get out there and meet his fans, and accept their hugs and their fan art and their homemade baklava, and sign whatever they put in front of him, and repay some of the love-hours they’ve put into his work over the years.

I’m bad on the phone; I’m bad at therapy; I’m bad at one-on-one; I’m bad at playing board games; I’m bad at hanging out. The permission to keep rambling without having to apologize.

The sun is going down; the network-television development process seems far away and abstract, something for giant insane diamond-skinned robots to worry about. On January 3, he turned 40 years old; one week later he and Davis and Mc Gathy and a small group of co-conspirators boarded a bus and set out on a 20-city tour.

Harmoncountry, as it’s been hashtagged, is a three-week birthday party for Harmon — a Viking funeral for his youth, after which Mc Gathy will move into his house in Los Feliz and they will begin the process of getting a puppy.

Today they called and said they liked it, that everybody liked it, all the way up the chain to Les Moonves, the president of the network.

There’s a certain Famous Comedic Actor on whose participation the show’s future kind of depends, but that’s between the network and the Famous Comedic Actor’s agents.

Every character represented a facet of his personality; every episode was packed with callbacks and homages and fractalized sub-references aimed at people who, like him, had been warped and saved by pop culture at an early age. He didn’t just want the attention that came from blogging, tweeting, Reddit-ing, and annotating every episode for the A. Club — he seemed to need it, for reasons deeper than ego or vanity.

He wanted to be out there in direct communication with the small but passionate group of people who liked his TV show because he wanted to connect.

When I put the thoughts that rattle around in my brain into a microphone and hear a bunch of other people hear them and either not react to them or laugh at them, something happens to me that makes me feel like I might live another day without an ulcer or a tumor or something.