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Dating in islam

The month of Ramadan, therefore, can be a spring month and then over a few years will become a summer month.

In Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the countries of the Persian Gulf, the Hijra calendar provides the means of keeping track of time, just as the Christian calendar (based on the supposed date of Jesus' birth) provides the dating system in the Christian West.

Other countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and Syria use both the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar in use in the West side-by-side.

During that period, Kosovars became increasingly secularized.

Since Yugoslav times, the official organisation of Muslims in Kosovo has been the Islamic Community of Kosova (Alb: Bashkësia Islame e Kosovës), led by its Grand Mufti, currently Naim Tërnava.

From 1389 until 1912, Kosovo was officially governed by the Muslim Ottoman Empire and, as such, a high level of Islamization occurred.

During the time period after World War II, Kosovo was ruled by secular socialist authorities in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).

The moslem calendar is based solely on the cycles of the moon. Since the lunar year consists of 354 days, it does not match with the solar year.