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Dating in uganda international

If you are planning to invest in Uganda, see the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) business and investment opportunities.

If you plan to obtain visa to Uganda at Entebbe Airport, you should confirm in advance that your airline allows you to board without visa.

Travellers are advised to pay close attention to the validity of their visa or special pass to avoid fines or travel interruptions For more information on entry requirements, see the Uganda Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website: Getting Around Uganda: Travelling around Uganda has never been easier – flexibility exists in use of private or public transport, with the improving transport network and extended communication facilities to upcountry regions. There are several ways to get around in Uganda, and the option you choose will depend upon your time constraints and your budget.

Travelling by road is the most accessible and probably the cheapest way to travel though domestic flights are available.

Take common-sense precautions (not walking alone in deserted areas at night).