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The tree must be 12 feet tall as she stands next to it, looking up at the white lights and red decorations. The new plane can fly easily internationally and has room for 14, which means it's perfrct for J-Lo and her two kids Max and Emme as well as his two daughters.

Jennifer Lopez reportedly hired a private investigator to tail her new beau Alex Rodriguez, because she was worried he could be seeing other women, sources told Us Weekly.

"He found out and they had a huge fight," the insider told Us.

Jennifer wore one of her signature looks - a red plaid shirt with ripped jeans and construction boots - as she looked at her tree.

The beauty was seen makeup free and in her pajamas as she leaned on the former baseball player while in the living room of a Miami home No bling: Her sister Lynda Lopez also shared a similar photo, this one showing off Jennifer's left hand.

At the time, sources said that the twosome weren't looking for something serious, but clearly something happened along the way to change the lovebirds' tune.

Jennifer Garner wears a blue dress for church on Sunday (January 14) in Los Angeles.

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