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However, we do have some commonalities, but again, these are not going to apply to all secular Buddhists: What do they believe? I could go on, but I’m hoping you’ll see that defining secular Buddhists is difficult and perhaps unnecessary.

She then studied Theravada Buddhism through the Insight Meditation South Bay with teacher Shaila Catherine. Dana has been working in the internet industry since 1992, has held the positions of web developer, technical writer, and online community manager.

She is a geek girl with a passion for science and computing.

I’d like to give warning by using a phrase from the suttas I really like: . Define yourself if you wish, but be careful about defining others.

As soon as you say, secular Buddhists believe such and such, you’ll come across a person who doesn’t believe that. And be mindful of what that definition means to you and how tightly you wear the label.

Additionally there are other Buddhist group names: Natural Buddhism, Pragmatic Buddhism, and Non-Buddhism. They help on a conventional level, but they are not worth arguing about, certainly not worth clinging to.

If you feel more comfortable calling yourself a Pragmatic Buddhist, go for it.

A few months back I addressed the question we were receiving frequently What is Secular Buddhist Practice?