Start Dating rebecca st

Dating rebecca st

Rebecca, who joined the late night sports panel on March 2016, said she wants to see women in approach their career life like men.

And whilst her professional career is in full swing, Rebecca Maddern's personal life hasn't always been that way.

Speaking to Sunday Life this week, the stunning 39-year-old, who married Channel 7 camera man Trent Miller in 2014, revealed that she'd never been on a date.'It's always just happened.

I'd be at a party and kiss a boy and then we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend.

The end result is that people are finding out about the needs there, and I hope that will encourage people to reach out and bring hope to the hurting people in , and seen their ministry there--it’s just so effective.

They’re [working] in the most poverty-stricken parts of the countries and are really changing the world.

”I was really challenged by this book I recently read that talked about that scripture, and it encouraged me to be more hands on.

It is very valuable to send support through other organizations, but coupling that with going ourselves is really key.

But God wants us to put one foot in front of the other and just step out on faith.