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James defended the virtue of abstinence until marriage, as well as football star Tim Tebow, who has received considerable criticism from the left for his outspoken Christian faith and pro-life values. If a guy tells you he’s 28 and still a virgin—you’re going to laugh at him! I think most people that are watching tonight would want a Tim Tebow as a role model for their kids—he’s an outstanding young man with values and morals.” To the skepticism of Beckle and Thomas in regards to saving sex for marriage, St.

That’s difficult sometimes, and it’s almost easier to put our trust in what is tangible.

And for all the young girls that are watching, it can be damaging too, because [these musicians are in the] position of being a role model, and they’re influencing young girls to act in a similar way.

Dressing immodestly and using music that kind of encourages kids to be sexually active outside of marriage can also lead to all kinds of troubles, including pregnancy outside of marriage, STDs, and all kinds of emotional consequences.

I met my sponsored child and did some videos over there, and hopefully [I] am helping people to get a glimpse into what is happening so that they can be a part of the helping.

There’s scripture in the Bible that talks about when we stand before God, he’s not going to applaud us or say, “Well done my good and faithful servant" for sending money off.

The end result is that people are finding out about the needs there, and I hope that will encourage people to reach out and bring hope to the hurting people in , and seen their ministry there--it’s just so effective.

They’re [working] in the most poverty-stricken parts of the countries and are really changing the world.

James said: “Can I just say that married sex – and I’ve never been with anyone else – is so cherishing and beautiful, and I’m glad I don’t have memories with anyone else, and I’m glad my husband doesn’t have anyone to compare me to.