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Incongruities in the style of the spouts provide evidence that the roof was repaired during the Roman period.

The marble was cut thinly enough to be translucent, so that on a summer's day, "light comparable to a conventional 20-watt bulb would have shone through each of the 1,000 tiles." From the edge of the roof projected 102 water spouts or gargoyles in the shape of lion heads, of which 39 are extant.

The god Apollo is featured on the western pediment pointing towards the human side in the centauromachy, indicating his favor, and towards the northern side of the temple.

Pausanius reports in his Description of Greece (5.10.8) that the Eastern pedimental sculpture was created by Paeonius and the Western sculpture was carved by Alcamenes.

The temple was probably established at an ancient religious site dating from the fourth millennium BC that was dedicated to the earth mother, Gaia, and eventually, was the site of a temple to Hera that dated to the Archaic period.