Start Dating sites for pe0ple with disabilities

Dating sites for pe0ple with disabilities

Although some health problems are an unavoidable aspect of aging, many more are preventable and can be influenced by three major behaviors: eating a healthy diet, staying physically active and avoiding tobacco.

Special Nutrition Needs of the Aging Body It is the physiological changes that occur with aging that affect nutrient needs.

Gradual loss of lean body mass and reduced energy expenditure lower caloric needs.

The cost of providing health care for one person aged 65 or older is three to five times more than it is for a younger person.

As a result, by 2030 the nation’s healthcare spending is projected to increase by 25% (CDC & Merck 2007).

Preserving bone health also becomes a concern as the body naturally loses bone density.

The kidneys work harder to remove waste and keep the body hydrated, while the circulatory system becomes less efficient. In addition, maintaining cognitive health becomes increasingly important.

For this reason, focusing on quality food choices becomes paramount.