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Paste the following into Google Maps to see it’s exact location: 53.816290, -3.011356 Just back along the access road, which runs from Stanley Park, there is a type 22 pillbox, the same type as the pillboxes near to Squires Gate airport.

If you look closely at the area on Google Maps, you can trace the road across the airport.

A shot across the airfield from the south entrance: Two Boulton & Paul VR2 hangars, which were usually for aircraft factories and armament training schools, were built in 1939 and are possibly the oldest hangars still on the airfield.

This is the old clubhouse, built by Blackpool Council, along with a hangar, before WW2.

You can see what was the control tower on top of the building.

Paste the following into Google Maps to see it’s exact location: 53.816290, -3.011356 There is another pre WW2 hangar still standing and several more which were built as a satellite factory to the Vickers factory at Squires Gate airport for the construction of Wellington bombers…

over 600 were built here and test flown to Squires Gate airport for delivery…

The site is today occupied by Blackpool Zoo and some of the original buildings still remain…

If you want an interesting read and to find out more about it’s history, here’s a link to a great page … topic=1716.0 I had a few minutes to spare, one sunny day, so I stopped to take a couple of photos of what’s left to see …

As you walk back along the road to the first pillbox, you can quite clearly see the Vickers factory, apparently over 1.5 million square feet of floorspace, which was used during the war to build Wellington bombers. In the photo below, it’s the building with the 7 pointed roof.

If you paste the following into Google Maps, you will find its exact location: 53.779990, -3.026760 It’s huge.

The access road runs towards the airport from the pillbox as shown below: It must have seen regular use at some time as there are still remnants of cats eyes left along the centre.