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Dating styles in germany

By the early 1400s the glass industry in the region had become well-established and became a tradition passed on from father to son.

However, the scissors were initially used for making glass eyes for toy animals, and the first marbles were not produced until around 1850.

Finally, in 1920, another glassworks was established in Lauscha by Johann Georg Schneider.

During the 1800s, as mentioned, Lauscha glassblowers began creating children's glass toys.

Other glassworks were built in Klein-Tettlau (1680), Gebiet Altenfeld (1648), Neustadt (1698), and Krumbach (1615) during this century. It was founded when, due to an abundance of timber in Frankenwald, Hans Greiner and Christoph Muller proposed to erect a glassworks there, negotiating with the local ruler to do so.