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Dating while separated in pa

Unless you are an attorney, you are likely wondering why the date of separation even matters so much.

The court does recognize though, that this is not always the case.

It termed “separate and apart” – the date couples cease cohabitation – whether they go on living in the same residence or not.

The fact is, however, that the date of separation is extremely important in divorce cases.

It’s a frame of reference for determining what is in, and what is out of the marital pot.

Instead of being tied to a legal action, the intention is typically tied to emotion- an emotion each spouse rarely experiences at the same time.

Also, a claimed date of separation must be proven by evidence which shows a manifested, communicated and independent intent to dissolve the marriage.

If date of separation is in dispute by only a few months, it is important you work with an attorney to conduct a cost benefit analysis of whether it makes sense to make date of separation an item in a dispute.