Start Definition of a female player in dating

Definition of a female player in dating

Some people would call them sociopaths or narcissistic. btw he has had 2 (that i know of) affairs since beginning of 2010. (Some men are stupider than others, and resort to this more).

It's because they are so insecure around one another. Let's see, on top of the fact that you endlessly bitch and moan at your husband's or boyfriend's for no reason; you're also evil to one another.

If they are anywhere they are all over the Internet, where they can discuss their hatred with women with other misogynists. Thank you also, Psychology Today, for finally printing one little piece on this wide-spread problem.

I'm new here but what was is with the insulting that poor person for asking a ? I thought this was about explaining what misaginy is but the first ?

They hate their dependence, insecurity and passivity and therefore project those traits onto women. Vanessa, do you really believe that a man being offended by hateful bile such as that penned by 'gorgeousdickchopper' makes him a misogynist? Raising concerns about the growing amount of misandrist views does not make someone a misogynist. In case irony is lost on some, the name 'muscularfannyfiller' was directed at the - obviously in no way man-hating - 'gorgouesdickchopper'.