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Did ryan leslie dating cassie

Even just a small audience, to have that type of response, that feels good, man.

His daily pursuit is “to create the best art and creative media that I can create, whether that be through music, film, documentary film, whatever means of expression.”Leslie is a self-taught music producer and writer.

It’s a genius idea, but who expects anything less from a young Black male who made a perfect score on his SAT at age 14 and entered Harvard University at age 15, where he performed with the Harvard Krokodiloes, aka the Kroks, Harvard University’s oldest a cappella singing group.

And, where he earned a degree in government, concentrating in political science and macroeconomics.

He avers in an interview with Google, “I felt disconnected from Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, My Space, You Tube, Google friends and followers. I thought of the idea that the most powerful social handle is your cellphone because it gives you the ability to communicate directly, outside of all the noise of all the platforms.”Super Phone is not a tool exclusive to artists, though.