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Disaster movie soundtrack dating song

Musical references abound, and they don’t end with the score.

These distinctions are important to make in a film with a just-over 90-minute run time.

It’s self-aware, and by disregarding the notion of “timeless” to make the most current movie possible, Heckerling created a classic.

Heckerling’s movie wouldn’t have the same longevity that it did without the help of Karyn Rachtman.

A year after its release, the soundtrack was certified gold, and by 1998 it went platinum.

At that point in time, soundtracks were a crucial selling point for a film, and Capitol Records backed Rachtman’s efforts with a $1 million advance.

Twenty years after it premiered in 1995, the humor in is just as biting and timeless, but its aesthetic definitely isn’t.

For older fans, it’s a throwback, and for younger ones like myself, it encapsulates an era that we missed out on.

” Wallace Shawn responds with a shrug and lukewarm agreement.

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