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For me, the final push onto the Airbus came courtesy of Tom Bunn, former airline captain, psychologist, and head of the SOAR fear of flying program.

For phobic flyers, they’re more alarmist than merely alarm.

All the same, even if you’ve been freed of some of the effects of trauma, that doesn’t automatically translate to freedom from phobia, since it’s about reaction in the moment.

And again, launching into thin air can be a rough way to test one’s success.

For the first time in a long time, I was staring at a plane I was about to get on. Still, it was a moment of commitment a lot like steadying oneself to jump from a crane with a bungee cord attached. Fear of flying — a very common phobia, affecting as many as one in three people — is, like most phobias, tough to cure.

Unlike most phobias, it comes with a massive hurdle most of us can’t avoid, one which makes it even harder to cure.

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Even virtual reality exposure is just that — virtual. You can talk for years about how it feels to commit yourself to an airborne metal tube, wax eloquent about the tsunami of terror evoked by the shutting of the boarding door.