Start Eclipse not validating jsp

Eclipse not validating jsp

Then, all files named in this workspace will automatically be considered jsp fragments.

Errors on a jsp fragment may not be relevant if the jsp include file (a fragment) is dependent on settings in the parent JSP page.

For example, a fragment that references a bean that is defined in the main JSP would encounter an error similar to: This preference will only validate a jsp fra gme nt (= jsp segment as of JSP 2.0 , also referred to as jsp include files), if the file type is *

From the application node in the explorer, choose "Validate".

This action will validate all of the resources in the project using all validators enabled for "Manual".

If a jsp file (file type = jsp) is being used as an include file (for example, as a jsp fragment), it is possible to set its Eclipse/WTP content type to "JSP Fragment" for validation purposes, The Eclipse base actually allows you to assign a content type to a specific file name in a workspace .

To assign a content type to a file you can go to: Window JSP Fragment Add...

Errors are in red and must be dealt with whereas the yellow warnings may not result in runtime problems and may sometimes be ignored.