Start Fender precision bass dating serial numner

Fender precision bass dating serial numner

Of course, the box would not contain 10,000 neckplates but rather a couple thousand at the most.

The Fender California Series Stratocaster guitars have USA vintage style tremolos and tuners and other hardware.

The tremolo bridge spacing is the same as the Fender USA vintage bridge spacing of 2 3/16".

1956 was one of the transitional years for several of Fender's line when they switched body wood from ash, a highly figured wood, to plain grained alder for most of production along with vinyl pick guards from polystyrene.

On the basses the finger/thumb rests switched from a one screw mounted wooden rest to a two screw mounted plastic.

Fender was less interested at the time in tracking serialization than they were at producing a quality product.

When Fender migrated to serial numbers on the neck plates in 1954 all of their guitars were supplied from the same box, in a sense, in no particular order (some basses though had numbers on the bridge as late a '56).

A few popular books state that the serial numbers re-started with V0000001 when the new Corona, Ca factory opened. If you look at my fullerton inventory, you can see that this is just a broad generality.

From my experience, any serial number below V016000 denotes a guitar made at the fullerton plant (1982-1984).

The only way to correctly date an AVRI is to correlate the serial number, neckdate, and the codes on the pots.

In 1957 Bill Black acquired a 1956 Fender Precision Bass, serial #13182. Graceland was purchased in March of 1957 and though the family moved there in May, Elvis did not spend his first night there until the end of June.

I have also come across guitars with a V012000 serial number with a 1986 neckdate.