Start Fox 10 arizona my dating place

Fox 10 arizona my dating place

It just really touched me.”He doesn’t do a very good job of fighting back the tears.“That’s what I’m going to miss,” he says.

Raven is a big supporter of local musicians and showcasing talented bands at the events she hosts is essential in encouraging a better live music scene in the Greater Phoenix area.

While presenting a fun party for guests, bringing more business to the local resorts and tourism, showcasing local business vendors exhibiting products & services, Raven makes sure that a charity in also benefiting from her efforts in the midst of it all.

Raven, who is experienced at engaging the right mix of people in a variety of social settings, personally manages and hosts every event making guests feel welcome and comfortable.

The parties presented by Raven always involve fabulous entertainment and great music, especially live music.

"I'm going to hand a kid with an i Phone a coloring book? "The kids are a little more blase now." Still, for more than 35 years, his dedication has never wavered.

"I think that's what really kept me going," he says. That's a good thing." A lot of people are asking why he's retiring. On the business side of things, his contract will expire this year.

We currently have over 30,000 Valley professionals and business owners that receive exclusive personal invitations to all the events we produce and each guest has the option of attending whichever of them they choose. There is no fee to be on Raven’s Guest List and we never give, sell or rent your contact information to any other entity.

“Thirty years later, I’m reading about this on Facebook from one of the kids,” Munsey says. He's all grown-up now, and he was writing about it.

"The boots may start to get a little dusty now." His immediate plans include spending more time in North Dakota.

His dad, who is 95, still lives there, within 100 miles of his 88-year-old mother-in-law.

" “You can’t be in this business without being a little bit of an egomaniac," he says, laughing. Another channel here used it for a while; there was nothing done or said about it.”The long-running campaign always has been close to his heart.