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Free couger looking for sex

Of all the cougars I've gone out with, none have bought me expensive toys or gifts.

When it was her turn she treated us to a deluxe hotel suite with room service, a hot tub, and a giant king-sized bed. I don't think most women who date younger men are looking to buy things for them, that's what I've seen in my experiences. It wasn't even a special occasion or nothing, I was just mentioning in passing how I wanted to get one and she got me one.

I have known friends who've dated wealthier women who are happy to pay for things, but I don't think that's why their relationship started. I couldn't believe it, no other ex-girlfreind has done that for me. Having dated quite a few cougars, not that many would buy me things to keep me sweet, that wasn't the kind of relationship we had.

I dated an older woman who lived quite far from me. When my car broke down, she offered to buy me a new one. One cougar I dated used to always buy me things, new clothes, a watch, things for my home.

I would like to say Italy's lovely but we never left her apartment.