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Fuck pregnant chat

And then, when/if we eventually choose to reverse gears and produce some babies, we think we know what's in store: sex, and tons of it. The flowing river of sex you always wished you could have. Yes, you read that right: Sex to conceive can be a miserable, pleasureless act that makes you question why anyone does the deed at all. Your ability to get knocked up when you want to all depends on a million things going right at any one time (to the point that it's almost remarkable that anyone ever gets pregnant at all).

What no one mentions is that there's a perfectly good chance that you won't get pregnant on the first go-round. Even the word we use for sex when it's supposed to result in pregnancy — "trying" — is unsexy.

Trying.)Visit Your for the full story: Trying To Get Pregnant?

Though for some women it is still not obvious to anyone other than themselves that they are pregnant.