Start Government mandating healthcare

Government mandating healthcare

Customers demand transparency from providers in relation to the risk factors involved with the cloud.

Continue Reading Regulatory bodies are often too ambiguous about what's required to be "cloud-compliant" -- something that is hindering adoption.

In this expert response, find out what providers can do to help remedy this difficult situation and put customers at ease. CIO Vivek Kundra issued the Cloud First policy in 2010, mandating that all federal agencies give preference to cloud-based technologies over on-premises products.

Providers and customers are both responsible for creating a PCI-compliant cloud, and this article can help clarify the guidelines that outline where a customer's responsibility ends and a provider's begins.

Continue Reading Maintaining FISMA compliance falls on the shoulders of cloud providers catering to the public sector, and continuous monitoring is imperative to achieve this goal.

Customers worry that moving their data to the cloud not only can compromise their industry-specific compliance requirements, but also put them at risk for security breaches.

This cloud compliance guide will clarify where the bulk of the responsibility lies when attempting to achieve cloud compliance, what customers expect from providers, and what advantages and obstacles initiatives like HIPAA and Fed RAMP introduce.

Continue Reading Although federal agencies are required to only work with Fed RAMP-compliant providers, state and local governments will likely be encouraged by providers that an agency like the Department of Defense or the Central Intelligence Agency has received approval to use.