Start Is beck and tori dating in the show

Is beck and tori dating in the show

But the writers will probably leave it till another much laterr season.

Through a webcam still open with a previous chat with Cat, Tori and Beck didnt realize it was still on.

However, Jade was watching Tori tell this to Beck and it touched her heart. Beck was about to kiss Tori when Tori blocked him and said, "I don't want to date you because you were with Jade and Jade's like my friend, i guess." or something like that. She doesn't want to hurt Jade's feelings, and that's when Jade felt bad that she took Tori's fame and she gave it back to Tori so Tori can sing live. Tori said that can't kiss her friend's ex-boyfriend. Moose wasn't Tori ex boyfriend, and TBH I thik she deserved be with him better becasue they had something in common unlike Tori or Cat whose faked it.

Well, Jade kissed Moose with no regrets, why shouldn't Beck kiss Tori too? Through the episodes when they broke up, I don't saw any act of Beck's ''love'' for Jade. And Tori did kissed her friend's BOYFRIEND, you remember when she kissed Daniel, wasn't him Cat's boyfriend? I'm not a Bade fan I don't like Beck but they have a poin and the truth here is that he only loves Jade, I don't like it either but he does, so let's face it, I'm not trying to be mean but I think the Bori fandom is more blind because they don't even have a base to say Beck likes Tori, sadly for all of us they endgamed and they love each other.

I don't own Victorious but all I wanna say is I think beck has had a crush on tori n tori also feels the same.....he's scared coz of jade n he thinks tori doesn't like him real life as I read on Google in real life they r actually bestfriends....n that's sooo cool Yes , I do believe that Beck likes Tori . He wanted a sweet and nice when like Tori and Cat .

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and he can Tori's bf but however happen the same because the problem here is Beck not Jade! The first time they both lean in to kiss,but of course typically, Tori's mom comes home which causes them to split and act like nothing happened so they couldn't kiss.

The second time Beck tries to kiss her,but she refuses.

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