Start Itunes an error occurred while updating the default player

Itunes an error occurred while updating the default player

It's designed to protect against malware at the boot level by preventing... Most of the changes, however, are behind-the-scenes, which may be why so many people are having issues.

If you’re an avid Sky Drive user, you may come across an issue where Sky Drive claims that all of the files that were once downloaded to your computer are now “online only”.

This is incorrect, and the files are actually still on your computer as they previously were.

How you'll upgrade depends on which version of Windows you're upgrading from. An issue that I’ve personally experienced is reduced hardware support.

For one reason or another, Windows 8.1 changes something deep in the system that can affect drivers, resulting in unrecognized or malfunctioning hardware.

On a related note, Windows may refuse to upgrade to 8.1 if it doesn’t like certain drivers.

For example, a select number of people have a specific driver which Windows asks you to remove in order to upgrade.

This update refines Windows 8, giving keyboard and mouse users important interface improvements and making the Modern interface more..., you will probably face issues upgrading to the real release.