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A number of 'items of interest' were seized in the raids and searches continued on Sunday, with AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin suggesting they may take 'many more days'.

A kitchen mincer is believed to be among the everyday items the alleged attackers used to form a lethal device, according to the Herald Sun.

The apparatus was reportedly 'ready to go' as counter-terrorism police stormed properties across the city's west and inner-east.

The accused, whose names are known to Daily Mail Australia but not yet confirmed by police, were arrested in the simultaneous raids.

Australian Federal Police, ASIO and NSW Police jointly carried out the operation on Saturday in Surry Hills, Lakemba, Wiley Park and Punchbowl.

'The office of transport security has advised security screening will take longer, and travellers should arrive at terminals at least two hours before flights to allow ample time for screening,' he said on Sunday.

Travellers turned to social media posting photos of massive queues leading into customs at Sydney Airport and passengers tweeting to not underestimate the wait.'Not sure I agree with the ''creation'' of a mass gathering ''before'' security screening -closed screening stations,' one traveller tweeted.

Airlines fly from Jakarta to Australia daily, with direct flights to all capital cities.

According to The Australian the four, who are all related, allegedly made a 'non-traditional' device designed to kill passengers with a sulphur-based gas.

One neighbour of a man arrested in Wiley Park told The Daily Telegraph the accused would nurture stray cats in the area.'He and his brother would feed about 15 cats and when we complained that they were bringing ticks and diseases into the block, they would walk off,' they said.

Relatives of two of the accused spoke out following the arrests, saying they 'love Australia'.

Shocked neighbours have said the family living in the property were 'perfectly nice and normal people'.'We knew them to say hello to and they seemed nice,' said one woman, who didn't want to be identified.