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This is a health code violation and if I find out the courtesy clerks followed her orders and placed these used trash cans on the shelves to be sold, I will be reporting this incident to the Health Department.

The managers in charge of the night crew are not doing their jobs to make sure the carts are being cleared, which doubles the workload for the next shift. Shame on Shasta for taking her frustrations out on courtesy clerks. Veterans especially who fought for our country should not be treated with disrespect. I thought Albertsons treats all customers and employees with respect?

Courtesy clerks should not be yelled at to clear the parking lot of carts as soon as they arrive at work, when the blame lies on the courtesy clerks before them who did not do their jobs. I am shocked to have witnessed this unprofessional behavior from a Store Director.

because that cant happen again how many people have not done nothing about and ignored people you have hired i am speaking for others that have had problems with lisa if i know iam a valued customer the what up with this what is wron with this picture.

sorry but that was my and will be my problem with people like that what ever happened to custer service its gone to hell thanks i hope corporat read my concerd letter at abertsons in herderson neveda.

” when she is told that a customer who was banned has returned to the store. I saw a man carry cartons of beer and food out of the store, and no one stopped him.

I was shocked to overhear that Nicky, a manager at this store, wanted the courtesy clerks to wash trash cans and place them on the shelves for the customers to purchase.

In 1999, the chain acquires American Stores Company in a huge acquisition deal.

In 2004, the company acquired both Shaw’s and Star Markets chains.

then she said to me to get out of here and leave i said no and proceded to finsh paying my bills the she waled outside the came in front of and put her hand up but before that happened i noticed that she was mocking me makeing fun of me because i am gay the way doing it inwith another employee so that made me more sure i was going to report her then she came by and put up her hand i told her go on call some one because im going to report you then she dissapered then and employee started to verbally attack i told her this is not your bussiness get away from me she said that something is wrong with me she must be a doctor of syc.

then i finishes my transaction and the girl thar helped was very sweet to me the one that helped me to pay my bills, this should have never happened but when you hire people thar hate other minorities that cant stand gays thats a problem you just dont treat people like that when you are and cant stand different people i hope i here from you.

Never seen any other store that runs ads the way they Albertsons does.