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This is very bothersome as I can’s always stop to read the entire paragraph to find out that the item is mis-shelved. to pay bills so i always have to get one of the cashier to call over the intercome today i did the same thing that lisa told me angered i busy with a customer very rudely so i went to another cashier and she was sweet to so i started paying my bolls i decided to tell that women about how she taled to me and she got more rude .

Good BY Albertsons Reply I see where customers of Albertsons complain about mis-pricing of items (especially sale items) — this is a problem in every store I’ve been in. i was at your henderson albertsons off of boulder and lake mead i had a a bad experience with one of the cashiers that represent you store.

Kroger is also very bad at pricing / shelf-tag positioning (putting the wrong item above a price tag). her name is lisa, i just recently started paying my bills there, today iwalked in at about 10 am oct 6 2017 there they usually dont have a person at the counter for customer ser.

” when she is told that a customer who was banned has returned to the store. I saw a man carry cartons of beer and food out of the store, and no one stopped him.

I was shocked to overhear that Nicky, a manager at this store, wanted the courtesy clerks to wash trash cans and place them on the shelves for the customers to purchase.

Today, Albertsons operates over 1000 stores in 29 US states under 8 separate brands.

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The money it is costing to renovate this store should be spent on raising salaries and hiring security to prevent people from stealing.

This in turn, might lower the price of food customers pay to offset the loss of foot from shoplifters.

In 1999, the chain acquires American Stores Company in a huge acquisition deal.

In 2004, the company acquired both Shaw’s and Star Markets chains.

This is a health code violation and if I find out the courtesy clerks followed her orders and placed these used trash cans on the shelves to be sold, I will be reporting this incident to the Health Department.