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Do I need to hammer in the point that mom was protecting her from shit like this?! Taylor figures they should give up on getting a law passed, and just call attention to the problem. The movie is basically just another ABC family drama that they make to be “up to date” on teen issues, even though this is a few years too late.

I'm sure there was a moral here somewhere, but in the meantime, let's focus on how much young Mila resembled Ruthie.

Here's my fakes of Disney's talented and outspoken Rowan Blanchard, star of the TV series Girl Meets World.

You SHOULD be against her, cuz she did an awful thing that almost killed you and we STILL have no reason for why! So here’ your reasoning: You thought scott might hurt her, so you made up another guy for her to get with but…then you got pissed and randomly spread rumors about her. In a normal movie, they would notice that and have that be the moral. Yes, I did rage so much at the characters, and that can get in the way of my enjoyment at…times.

Looking back, this movie can be a narm-tastic bag of fun. The characters are awful, the story is a mess, and the morals are confusing. But this movie acts as if it’s the internet is to blame, and not some alpha bitch.

So Taylor is banned from Clickster…and she asks sam if she can get on it on her computer. Or when the hacking thing happened, you delete that post, then tell everyone that it wasn’t you and you got rid of it? She thinks Lindsay made james, so she heads to her house. Wow, I thought Lindsay was un-realistically bad…but this guy takes the cake! Well, it stands to reason that online bullying as a whole cannot be stopped. However, the specific people doing it can be stopped if you know them.

Now we have a girl dating a guy when she actually likes another guy. He says they have no policies or anything to stop this. Anyway, Mom needs to find out who this James was, but it looks like Sam got rid of the profile. Anyhoo, Taylor’s brother talks to her about what happened. Her mom talks about how serious this, and then Taylor just goes inside. She is told no legal action can be taken for obvious reasons.

Mom is angry at Taylor for not taking down her profile. By the way, you know what you could have done from the beginning? Or you could…block them and thus the online problem is solved.