Start List of intimidating dog names

List of intimidating dog names

They have property they want protected, and are looking for guard dog names that intimidate as much as their dogs growl and sharp teeth. They own a pup that has an attitude and/or a look to it that appears rugged, like a large or muscular breed and they want a tough title that matches.3.

Tough dog names are always perfect for that tough looking dog, but are equally great if you want to make a statement about your small breed dog. But why do small dog lovers find these names so irresistible?

I’ve already mentioned one reason, but beyond that the cuteness factor comes into play.

So these names are picked from lists of ancient gods, movie and television heroes and villains, and some real people who have left their own legacy of toughness.

We’ve added a couple of animals—mammals, reptiles, birds that we think represent toughness in the animal kingdom.

What could be cuter than a little black puppy with the name Darth (Vader)? There are already too many Bellas, Mollies, Maxes, and Buddies in the small dog world. We have compiled a list of names that work well with any breed of dog.

Maybe a name like Duke, Tonka, or Talon might be a little more unique. Gods and Heros, outlaws and fierce animals all have one thing in common, they all have to be tough, not only physical but mentally robust.

Below is a list of more than 140 exotic dog names for your dog. If you don’t find a name you like, return to the main puppy names page for more than 4,000 fun and interesting options.

In Norse polytheism, Thor is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind.

Some are unisex names which can be a name for both male and female dogs.

Just read through the list and look for the one that you would like to call your dog: More to Explore Female Dog Names | Male Dog Names | Puppy Names | Unique Dog Names| Cute Dog Names | Funny Dog Names The mentioned list of badass dog names above is ideal for pet dogs, particularly those which not only look like a complete badass but also behave like one.

Say it out loud and think about calling your dog by it. If “heel Rumpelstilskin” seems a bit of a mouthful, you may want to reconsider.