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Brothels varied considerably in quality and some women got to entertain repeat customers and perhaps pick up tips in addition to the fee paid to the brothel owner.

Building Z in the Kerameikos (a section of Athens located northwest of the Acropolis) was built and rebuilt several times and in its third phase (late Fourth Century BCE) probably served as a tavern and brothel, as attested by the hundreds of drinking and eating vessels and the many loom-weights discovered inside.

Then imagine the horror she must have felt when she discovered that she was being auctioned off to a brothel.

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Spun wool was one of the items very high up on every urban dweller’s shopping list.

Given the technology of the day the spinning of wool was as mindless an enterprise as it was essential, and therefore it was ideal for slave labor, and because it could be easily put down and picked up again it was a perfect task for those with frequent periods of freedom from some other job. We have no idea what their life was like, but twelve, perhaps fifteen, rooms opened off a rather large courtyard in Building Z.

As a supermodel her striking features have graced the covers of magazines and billboards all over the world.