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Looking for freaky chat

Once you connect your Facebook page to it, you'll find yourself looking at this: Every single thing on there is customizable, from the text right down to the icons, so go nuts.

And, seriously, it’s G’MIC - you should have it anyway for all the other cool stuff it does!

As part of one of his courses, he talks about a technique for accentuating details in an image that he calls “Freaky Details”.

Here is the original video I saw him describing this technique in from Scott Kelby’s blog, Photoshop Insider during a guest appearance: I’ve been told there are problems loading the page with IE if I include the video I first saw this technique on.

And here is a more current Youtube video from Calvin that describes this technique using a different image: In my meandering around different retouching tutorials I came across it a while ago, and wanted to replicate the results in GIMP if possible.